Millwright and Rigging
across Western Canada

Welcome to Upslope

From bolstering your existing maintenance crew for routine yearly tasks like line work and station service, to tackling more extensive projects such as bullwheel bearing replacement and tower assembly rebuilds, we possess the necessary tooling and expertise to assist you! At Upslope, we understand and plan for the unique challenges inherent in operating in mountainous and remote regions. Our commitment ensures that tasks are executed safely and efficiently, whether it involves mid-summer maintenance or addressing breakdowns in the midst of winter.

Furthermore, our broad experience spans various industries, including material handling, conveying, field fabrication, and fitting—both in service and construction. We stand prepared to be on-site, armed with the tools and knowledge essential for anything from planned shutdowns to unforeseen breakdowns.

10+ years of experience. We are focused on, but not limited to, working in the ski industry.

We serve the ski industry across British Columbia and Alberta.

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